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” Not long after my session with you I ended up meeting a lovely guy who is now in Australia with me and pretty sure this’ll be us done for good. Never thought it would actually happen!! I’m always so grateful to you for transforming my life” - R

What I love is finding the things about each person that sparkle and make them them – I want them to get what a catch they are and reflect that in my photographs. I have no problem finding that in every client I meet. It doesn’t take long to sit down, look someone in the eyes and get to know a little about them – and that’s how every shoot begins.

Here’s a wonderful selection of images from a photoshoot I took with this beautiful lady in Bushy Park near Hampton Court Palace in Middlesex.

I love exploring locations and finding cool little coffee shops to start the photoshoot in. I always try and pick places that would be ace for a first date.

I give each client a good selection of photographs to choose their online dating pictures from, and when I’m editing the final pictures I always have in mind what is going to work best for their dating profile. What makes that person look most attractive and unique? Which photograph best captures their essence? Nowadays, the dating sites are so busy it really helps to have that stand out image that’s enough just to push someone to explore your profile a little more.

It is so easy nowadays to take a selfie or quickly pose for a friend, but with a set of professional images I’m able to take the time to get to you know you, whilst also being able to use my professional skills to capture you from a variety of flattering angles and use a variety of lovely locations. It’s also fair to say that the editing process is appreciated by all of us ladies! A little tweak to exposure here and a nudge to our contrasts levels there, and an image is transformed.

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