Tips for taking selfies for your online dating profile photos…

Looking through online dating profile photos you’ll see LOTS of selfies.  Smartphone and iPhone cameras have made it really easy to take a photo of yourself to add in to your whole set of dating photos, though advice online is mixed on whether to use or not use selfies (and there’s different dating advice for men and women regarding this!)

If you do choose to take a selfie for your dating profile photos, here are some tips for what to do and what not to do to take a great one. And as this post is all about SELFies I’ve emerged from behind the camera to model! Here goes…

1 Find the light

Whether indoors or outdoors, find a spot where the light is good – the better the quality of the light the better you’ll look. Standing near a window works well for window-lit indoor portraits. Light from a skylight or electric light, which comes from directly overhead, can create dark shadows under your eyes so try to find a daylight light source that is face-height or slightly above and from an angle.

(The photos below show, on the left, a space in my hallway with very little light and, on the right, I’m lit with daylight from my front door which is camera left)


Quality and angle of light make a massive difference. If you’re taking a selfie outdoors try standing in the shade for really even light. These outdoor selfies below were all taken on the same day. On the left I’m in a bright sunshine which was lighting my face almost full-on. It gives me a very dramatic look with harsh shadows. The middle portrait is similar lighting but this time I’ve moved and the light is coming from side on and just behind me. Again, the shadows are very harsh and don’t show me at my best. And the one on the right, well, you can probably see that the light is dappled. Dappled light is really pretty light but not great for taking a selfie!


The shot below is taken in the shade with the sun behind me (behind the trees), you can see I’m very evenly lit and there are no harsh shadows. Diffused light is soft and can be very flattering plus you can really see me clearly, which is great for online dating profile photos.


2. Choose a flattering angle!

I see loads of selfies on online dating profiles shot from below. I know it makes way easier to see the photo you’re taking, but just look at my chin!! This angle is rarely flattering. Always shoot from face level or slightly above to look your best.

Obviously with smartphones you can check the photo you’re getting so do take a peep and make sure you’re looking good!



3. Show your face

I know, I know, it should be obvious right? I see so many online dating profile photos with sunglasses on in every shot. Shots with sunglasses are fine if you’re using just one photo amongst a bunch of photos, but if you have sunglasses on in EVERY shot then your chances of getting quality matches and dates greatly diminishes. That also goes for having your mouth closed in every photo, your hat on in every photo, or your face obscured by something. Your online date wants to see you!


4. Check your expression…

Remember that your online dating photos are for other people not for you! Moody shots, pouting, and any other version of posing can be a big no-no. I’ve asked many single people, men and women, what most attracts them to people in dating profile photos and they’ve all said a warm and friendly smile. (Poor me! Look at that pout face!!)


5. Selfie-in-a-toilet shots = NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Enough said. Choose a GREAT location and ALWAYS check what’s in the background of your shot!


That should give you a great start with your selfies for your dating profile photos. Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

And if you want to really transform your online dating experience with relaxed and swipe-rightable professional dating profile photos, why not drop me a line or give me a call and let’s chat.

Lucy x

My Heart Skipped is on a mission to transform online dating experiences for amazing people looking for fantastic dates. Up your game and stand out online with portraits that show you at your very best. All shot on location in London and across the UK

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