Started online dating and need some dating top tips? Let’s start with how to get professional standard photographs for your profile photo.


” Not long after my session with you I ended up meeting a lovely guy who is now in Australia with me and pretty sure this’ll be us done for good. Never thought it would actually happen!! I’m always so grateful to you for transforming my life” - R

Top 5 tips for dating photos

Here are five reasons why having professional photographs is a good idea;

1. A good photograph helps you stand out from the crowd.

A good photograph will help you get noticed more quickly by potential dates and you’d be astonished by how many people don’t have any photos up at all, or use photos where you can’t clearly see their face (maybe it’s too dark in the shot, or they have sunglasses on in every photo – if you’re on online dating you’ll have come across great examples of the ‘why!!?’ photo many times!) Your photo is the first time your potential date sees you. Maximise your impact!  “Profiles with photos are nine times more likely to get communication” (eHarmony).

2. Use a current photo.

A common complaint from both men and women is that people use old photographs or ‘unrealistic’ photos on their dating profiles, and the person they meet on the actual date is not who they liked the look of online. Be honest about who you are, and get a flattering and natural up-to-date photograph with Lucy.

3. Encourage potential matches to click on your profile with a broader range of photographs.

“People who uploaded four or more photographs received the most enquiries from their matches” (eHarmony)Lucy is excellent at providing portrait photos with a selection of interesting backdrops, portraits from different angles, informal ‘poses’ and natural laughs.  Clients are always encouraged to bring outfit changes, and some clients even bring props along! With Lucy’s naturally bubbly and warm personality you can’t help but feel at ease and that ‘connection’ will beam out of your online dating photos.

4. Put away the selfie.

We have some tips for taking a great selfie but allow yourself something a little more special than a selfie. Project your true self and inner confidence with some gorgeous new portrait photographs.

5. Do something for you!

Having professional photographs taken with Lucy isn’t just about getting a couple of nice photographs for your online dating profile, it’s also about having a really great time, feeling good and seeing yourself in a new light. The whole shoot is fun and designed to transform your online dating experience!

You are unique and when someone else takes your picture they get to capture all the wonderful curiosities and beauty within you. There’s a lovely quote by Robert Fulghum, the author of ‘True Love’  “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” We agree! 

“I think you are at your very best when you forget about the camera, and when the looks, and smiles, and laughs you give are real. My aim is to create a relaxed shoot where you can let go, have fun and be yourself.” – Lucy Williams (My Heart Skipped Founder & Photographer)


Don’t let your next love match pass you by. Use our dating top tips to get yourself a set of professional photographs.

If you’re interested in having your dating portrait taken please do get in touch. Lucy is always happy to discuss your needs and concerns over the phone or via email. We have a range of dating portrait packages to meet all requirements.

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