I really do have the best job in the world! I get to go to places like this, in Mexico, and photograph a couple portraits with a couple as delightfully passionate about life and love as these two. Luis and Lisa are a super loved up pair and I took their portraits in Puerto Moreles, on the Mayan Riviera.

I know that everyone’s love story is unique but Lisa and Luis’ story really captured my imagination. Lisa is originally from the United States and had fallen in love with Mexico. All the colours, the ambience and beautiful scenery – who wouldn’t! With her inspiring ‘seize the day’ attitude she decided to move there and she met and fell in love with Luis. When you meet a couple like these two and hear how they followed their hearts, it’s a genuine inspiration.

Photographs are really important to both of them and Lisa wanted to get some lovely couple portraits of them in the place where they live to hang on the wall in their home. As with all my shoots, people’s experiences during their photo sessions are just as important as the photographs. And this couple’s shoot was no exception! We all really enjoyed ourselves – me photographing whilst Lisa & Luis relaxed on the beach, kissed on the shoreline, danced in the streets. A typical day ;) Lisa looked so natural and pretty in her strappy green dress and Luis was a real sweetheart and didn’t stop smiling at Lisa.

Lisa and Luis took me to some of their favourite places, like the beach where they first met, and we even managed to squeeze in a stop at a perfect little beach bar called Unico Beach. Some of my favourite couple portraits of the day are of these two dancing salsa in the middle of the street. I simply love their spontaneity and passion for each other… and for life!

UPDATE: I couldn’t be MORE excited to tell you that these two have just had a baby!  I like to think the photos helped ;)

In Puerto Moreles I stayed in the cutest little B&B called Casa Caribe, where Lisa worked. If you need some mid week daydreaming – check it out! And if you would like to discuss your destination wedding or creating an unique couples portrait photo session for you too, do contact me here

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