Meet Luke & Leah.  They took their mum and dad Pei Chyi and Frankie to the beach for their portrait session. And I’m always up for an adventure and a trip to the seaside, so the beach it was! When I photograph children’s portraits I love capturing the children being themselves. On the beach Luke and Leah played in the sand, dipped their toes in the sea, ran around and laughed A LOT. Frankie and Pei Chyi swung them around, tickled them and laughed a lot too. In fact, it was hard to hold the camera steady for laughing at times!

A little back story to the shoot – Luke was a premature baby and has had a lot of sensitivity and touch issues which he’s been working on with his family and a therapist. On the beach his mum was so proud of him as he played happily with the sand and courageously got his feet wet in the sea. Well done Luke!

After the photography we all headed off for a well deserved cold drink and a go on some go-carts down a really steep hill – but that’s a whole other story ;)

If you’d like to have a chat through a children’s portrait session with your family with me, drop me a line. Beach optional!

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