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I LOVE Margate. From the concrete to the seaside and all of the cute vintage & gift shops in-between. Have you visited recently? There’s now a new sweep of stone steps leading down to the sea and it is the most idyllic place to lounge and dangle your feet on a sunny day.

This time at The Turner Contemporary there was a brilliant exhibition – Curiosity: Art & the Pleasure of Knowing, with films about Loch Ness Monster sightings, a Narwhal tusk, brilliantly amusing photography by Nina Katchadourian, art made from split hairs by Guinness World Record holder Alfie West, and other oddities. And you can’t go to Margate and not have coffee and cake. We went to the extremely cute and super friendly Cupcake Cafe (ooh you are awful) for a slice of something sweet.  And, as with all great seaside adventures, we ended up teasing the seagulls with fish ‘n’ chips from Peter’s as the sun set over the beach. Sitting back on those beautiful steps.

Can’t get enough of the place? (nor me!) Here’s a previous posting with the Mad Hatter Tearooms and more…  Travels with a camera | Margate

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