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Finding a camera bag that suits your needs is a difficult task, there are so many options out there. Recently I had the opportunity to review a camera bag for Love Cases. The camera bag in question is a ‘Case Logic DCB -309‘ and I’ve been using it for the last for two to three months.

I have to say that I am really pleased with it and how it has changed the way I work on shoots.  My previous camera bag was very much a beginner’s bag and now, having now some experience with the logistics of using my camera kit on location, I realise that I’m glad the DCB-309 came along because I was seriously in need of an upgrade to a more intermediate pro-bag.

My initial thoughts on the bag when it arrived at My Heart Skipped HQ started aesthetically… it’s a rucksack-style camera bag, black with decorative linear orange stripes.  I think the shape is stylish for a camera bag and when its full it doesn’t appear too bulky compared to other camera bags I’ve seen.


On to camera bag functionality - it’s a good size and holds my Canon 6D camera body and three to four lenses; my Canon EF 70 – 300mm, 24 – 70mm and 50mm plus my flash with space for another lens. When it’s full it doesn’t appear too bulky and the straps that clip across the chest and waist are very good for spreading the weight of your kit meaning you are less likely to end up with sore shoulders when carrying around your full kit for long periods of time.

Like most photographers I was looking for a camera bag with padding to keep my kit protected.  At first I thought the thickness of the padding around the kit inside this bag seemed a little thin but after taking the bag on a long trip to Canada, and shooting a wedding in France, I think the protection is good inside the bag, though it could definitely benefit from more padding around the bottom of the bag. On shoots where things move quickly,  I found myself putting the bag down a little more vigorously than I usually would and that my kit clunked on the floor – a scary sound!

The main section of the bag is designed for your camera and lenses and is protected by removable velcro panels are very useful for keeping photographic accessories and your necessary items organised the way you want them. As well as a dedicated camera department, it has a space for a laptop and personal items, and you can fit a lot more into it than just your basic shooting kit, for example hard drives, chargers and batteries.  Even with a full kit and a 15″ Mac notebook in the bag, it is still very comfortable as the straps help distribute the weight evenly. The rubber zip pulls are also useful for quick and efficient access to your kit. There is also ample space within the larger front pocket of the bag for my purse, keys, lip balm and other bits and pieces I ended up throwing in. There is a netted pocket on the side of the bag which is great for carrying a bottle of water (hydrating is something I frequently forget to do on shoots!)


One flaw that I found was that there is limited access to the small pocket on the front left side of the bag. It’s an incredibly useful pocket for things like an iPhone but it just seemed to be on the wrong side of the bag for me to get to that easily. Maybe it’s the way I wear and use the bag so it might not necessarily a flaw for everyone.  And the only other thing that bothered me was that the rain cover (it has a rain cover!) is fitted by a plastic clip at the back bottom of the bag and it  doesn’t quite reach all the way over the bag and stay attached at the back. It still functions without being clipped on but it’s definitely something to consider if you shoot outdoors a lot.

On the whole it’s a good camera bag to use when travelling with your kit and it fits within most airport hand luggage size restrictions (remember to check airline weight restrictions!)

All in all the Case Logic DCB -309 is a very good option as a camera bag for a beginner/ intermediate photographer. I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to give it a try, I like it and I’m looking forward to taking it on many more photography shoots.

Check out this camera bag on the Love Cases website.

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